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Web Projects

MobilEyez was initiated on a simple page builder when the business started in 2017.

I moved the site to WordPress and and a new host where 2.0 was built.  As I learned more and picked up on the Elementor page builder, 3.0 was born.

SeniorCaid also was moved to WP and Elementor.  Both sites also utilize a custom MYSQL database which is explained in the following section.





Database Projects

Takes input from custom forms for site registration.

Secure data stores to provide output for marketing, communication, and data correction. 

End to End project management type of setup using many RDBMS tables to provide live customer data.

The company's employees utilize forms and live tables to manage the clients and management can view and react to the overall in real time.

Full accounting/bookkeeping database includes:

    • Monthly Journals
    • General Ledger
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Monthly, YTD, LTD Trial Balances

I built this for my overall personal accounting and employ proper accounting procedures.  Journal Entries are posted to the GL monthly.  Trial Balances are reconciled and EOY is rolled over to Equity.  Receipts are scanned and saved on cloud resources.  Cost and budget tables and reports are a work-in-progress.