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Accounting/Business Related
Projects and Accomplishments

Learned a special tax allocation process for an external country in Oracle GL.

Sketched out issues including levied tax penalties for incorrect data to determine root causes.

Introduced new idea to utilize MS Excel to cut down on manual legacy efforts.

Leveraged Excel functionality to introduce faster and more effective auditing for International Controller team.

Tax data was entirely corrected and tax levies avoided.

  • Lead analyst
  • Convert legacy Accounting to new Enterprise structure for company-wide benefit allocation
  • Collaborated with 3 internal customer division teams
    • develop requirements
    • plan and execute testing
    • post production installation support
  • New high-level designs and low-level logical data changes for the development team
  • Project Lead for 5 straight corporate-wide End of Year closes to Retained Earnings
    • Schedule and facilitate all customer and development meetings for 4 months (~ 12 meetings)
    • Gathered, documented, and socialized business requirements
    • Generated pseudo code, high-level design, and flows for requirements impact to developers
    • Performed system and integration testing
    • Facilitated user acceptance testing and customer endorsement of the process and results
    • Created a new website for the process and maintained it for each year’s processing
    • Provided 24×7 support for production
  • The schedule is not flexible and requires pinpoint accuracy from end to end to ensure timely results
  • Collaborated with many customer teams
    • Corporate Accounting
    • Regulatory
    • International Finance
    • Corporate Investments
    • Corporate Tables
  • The process covered both MVS and Oracle environments due to a migration from MVS
  • Sourced the balance sheet for two new Corporations spinning from Parent
  • Orchestrated the processing of several hundreds of transactions over one year to split the company financially
  • Constant collaboration with the financial team customers, managing proper approvals
  • A strict focus on proper GAAP, and regulatory policies