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Alan Yurkovic

Business Process and Web Solutions

I currently freelance for small startup businesses to help organize their bookkeeping, database, and web solutions.

My work experience in the systems and business analyst roles involve extensive work in corporate IT and financial systems. 

The next step is Business Process Management (BPM).  The goal is to keep strengthening my Process skills.  Engagement in process analysis and improvement has always been a passion of mine as far as I can remember.

I look forward to connecting with anyone interested in discussing opportunities in these areas.

Feel free to bookmark my site as I will be constantly expanding:  adding a blog, sharing articles and ideas.

Please drop me a line using the form below.


In-depth Business experiences and knowledge of Process and Accounting.


Strong background working with large systems and solutions.


List of current technical and leadership skills.


Showcasing current and past web and database projects.