Core Competencies



Quick Comprehension of Business Processes

I’ve spent time on dozens of projects that required me to understand a new business process and flow.

I enjoy delving into a new process whether the goal is to improve it or provide a system design. Learning a process quickly is a powerful skill to minimize unnecessary training.

Problem Solver, Tier1 and Tier2

As a systems analyst, designs and troubleshooting always go hand in hand. I employ a patient attitude regardless of the time each Business or Technical problem requires to resolve.

My skill to learn Business Processes gives me the leverage to identify as well as tackle the issues.

Most of my career has been working in the Tier2 Systems Analyst function, and I have spent time on a Tier1 Helpdesk for Hyperion and related Financial apps and its customers. Tier1 provides a close-knit team environment that I also enjoyed in solving customer inquiries and problem tickets.

Looking ahead - planning for contingencies

Technical and Accounting proficiencies

Migration of Platforms - Business Consolidations

Multiple RDBMS products

Successful process improvements

Managing Domestic and International projects

In-depth SDLC experience

I’ve managed all steps of the SLDC flow as both a Lead Analyst on production applications and a member of development teams designing new applications.

Deliverables completed for internal systems and financial customer interfacing Oracle, DataWarehouse, and Web applications.

Requirements Engineering – gathering, validation, and documentation.

Producing high-level designs, pseudo code, process flows in regular documentation and flowcharts.

Created and employed thorough Test Plans and Test Cases matching to requirements. Included Users and application teams with interfaces to the application and databases.

Managed pre-production and production change management procedures for build implementation during the entire cycle of the project.

Provided full regression testing post production installation.

Problem solver: Tier2 and Tier1

Financial Applications and Data Integrity projects